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Fixed Traffic Signals
Product Name£ºFixed Traffic Signals
Product Class£ºTRAFFIC SIGNALS - Fixed Traffic Signals


OPTRAFFIC's fixed traffic signals are made in ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, comply to MUTCD & Australian Standard AS 41941-1994. OPT fixed traffic lights combine innovative technology, energy-efficient design and high-quality parts, are the most reliable and cost-effective portable traffic signals in the market.

OPT fixed traffic lights run on 12V maintenance-free battery power charged by solar panels and provide automated traffic control, being designed to be easily moved, installed and configurable for a range of applications. There are various operational control functions and constant RF (radio) communications, ideal solution for road work, emergency traffic control, roadside utility repair, parking lot control, pedestrian crosswalks, especially useful on projects requiring overnight traffic control.

Yes, we can customize.

System & Operation

 Reliable & compact design
 Signal heads can rotate by 180 degree
 Easy to operate
 Secure and reliable long range RF (radio) communication system
 Hand held remote control option
 Fixed time or traffic actuated operation mode option.
 Flexible unit programming
 Design and plan for new & custom applications

Safety & Energy-Saving

 Heavy duty material
 anti-corrosion powder coating 20+ years
 Waterproof rating IP65
 Highly visible & long-life led lights
 Durable & light-weight aluminum signal heads

Maintenance & Warranty

 2 years quality warranty

OPT fixed traffic signals are all with heavy duty material,waterproof rating IP65 and anti-corrosion powder coating for 20+ years, high cost-effective price with greatest quality in the market.