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Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards
Product Name£ºVehicle Mounted Arrow Boards
Product Class£ºARROW BOARDS - Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Boards


Optraffic vehicle-mounted arrow boards are made to the highest quality standards in our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, comply to MUTCD, allow for mounting over any vehicles with actuators and brackets, foldable and easily operated.

OPT vehicle-mounted arrow boards are built to meet CE & AS Standards, with wide angularity and superior visibility, provide an obvious solution for convoys, crash-cushion (TMA) trucks and emergency repair crews.

All models are available in different sizes and configurations.

System & Operation

 Board Size: 1260(49.6")W x 650(25.6")H & 1500(59.0")W x 650(30.3")H
 High-output amber LEDs provide superior visibility
 Light Sensor (Auto dimming system)
 Different light patterns
 Optional Lamps Choices: 13, 15 or 25 lamps, all double sided available.
 Flash rate of 30 to 40 per minute
 Easy-to-use on-board controller

Safety & Energy-Saving
 Low power dissipation..
 Energy-efficient operation
 Powered by battery DC 12V / 24V
 Cooling fans prevent overheating

Maintenance & Warranty

 2 years quality warranty
 Lamps and shroud are easily replaced

All OPT vehicle-mounted arrow boards are with high-efficiency LEDs for reduced energy consumption, superior performance, and outstanding legibility.

Vehicle-mounted arrow board supplied by OPT are with13, 15 or 25 lamps, shown as above picture, can be produced with double sided arrow boards (26, 30 or 50 lamps), flashing rate is 30-40 per minute. Customized flashing patterns are all available.