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Mobile Commercial VMS
Product Name£ºMobile Commercial VMS
Product Class£ºVARIABLE MESSAGE SIGNS - Mobile Commercial VMS


Optraffic's mobile commercial displays are made to the highest quality standards in our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, comply to MUTCD. This full color mobile variable message signs comes with trailer and simplified internet access advertising software, any picture and video can be displayed with daily, weekly or monthly scheduling, OPT full color VMS is your best choice for advertising.

Digital video advertising is becoming the preferred choice for cost-effective, high-impact advertising. With OPT full colour mobile commercial displays, you can advertise your sale, store opening, festivals, special events, promotional campaigns and public service campaign,  also rather suitable for your rental business.

Customized sizes are available.

Machinery & Structure

 Portable & one person to set up
 Dia 50mm(2") tow couplings can be towed by most vehicles
 Double disk brakes hold message board in place during operation
 Y support stabilizes message board in travelling position
 Hot-galvanized steel structure, anti-corrosion for 20+ years
 Double trailer frames with forklift pockets
 Supply different powder coating color for FREE


System & Operation

 Full-color & matrix with high resolution digital advertising
 3G modem for remote programming & management via internet
 On-site programming
 Automatic brightness control
 Viewing angle 110º horizontal 60º vertical
 Viewing distance 5M ~ 100M
 Wide range of support file types: video (AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4) & image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF)
 Video and image can be displayed at the same time
 Program Scheduling

Safety & Energy-Saving
 Water proof IP65
 Energy-efficient operation
 Operating voltage 12v with AC 240V charger
 Cooling fans prevent overheating
 Safety lock: Wheel, battery box and control box.

Maintenance & Warranty

 2 years quality warranty
 Easy maintenance with front & rear access
 NOT ANY ONGOING CHARGES for software using and updating

OPT full color commercial display trailers are all wind-loading approved, double layers trailer allows to be forklifted, and also heavy duty standard couplings allows our VMS to be towed by most vehicles, OPT full color variable message signs must be your best choice for advertising in outdoors.
Full color mobile VMS supplied by OPT are available both for full remote controlling and on-site programming via laptop and computer, OPTRAFFIC has been supplying most convenient and stable software service to our esteemed customers.