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Truck-Mount Signs
Product Name£ºTruck-Mount Signs
Product Class£ºVARIABLE MESSAGE SIGNS - Truck-Mount Signs


Optraffic's vehicle truck mount signs are made to the highest quality standards with our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, comply to MUTCD, a full matrix of LEDs are supplied with electrical actuators & brackets together, foldable and allows for mounting over work tucks like flatbed trucks, attenuator trucks or striping vehicles, rather suitable for using in road traffic management, and constructional engineering.

OPT also professionally supply led signs mounted on the taxi and bus, which has the features of low weight design, low power consumption, low heat conduct, wide view angle, clean cable inside, easy maintenance and multi-control method. Such mobile led signs are especially suitable for advertising and broadcasting upcoming events in the city.

Yes, we can customize.

System & Operation
 Amber & five-color full-matrix display shows text, graphics or animation.
 Full remote control via phone/laptop/tablet/computer with OPT software
 OPT local control software for on-site programming with tablet/laptop
 Light Sensor (Auto dimming system) & Temperature Sensor
 Preprogrammed display frames unlimited
 Both individual letters' font color and size controllable  
 GPS tracking  
 Real-time device status
 SMS alert system
 Continuous message preview on controller
 Electro magnetic compatibility (EMC)
 Optional Radar (overspeed detecting and warning)

Safety & Energy-Saving
 Low power dissipation
 Energy-efficient operation
 High-legibility LEDs
 Powered by battery DC 12V / 24V
 Cooling fans prevent overheating

Maintenance & Warranty
 2 years quality warranty
 Easy maintenance due to modular design
 NOT ANY ONGOING CHARGES for software using and updating

OPT vehicle truck mount variable message signs are all with high-efficiency LEDs for reduced energy consumption, superior performance, and outstanding legibility. The full-matrix display can present messages as text, graphics, or a combination of both.