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LED Traffic Display
Product Name£ºLED Traffic Display
Product Class£ºVARIABLE MESSAGE SIGNS - LED Traffic Displays


Optraffic LED Traffic Display are made to the highest quality standards in our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, comply to MUTCD, designed with full consideration of outdoor usage. OPT LED traffic display adopts industrial standard, super high brightness design, and provides precious information for drivers of road and weather condition.

OPT LED Traffic Displays are widely used on highway roads and roadside traffic managements, equipped with intelligent control system, which enables automatic road information process and auto dimming system.  This realizes unmanned operation

Yes, we can customize.

System & Operation
 Amber, dual or full color full-matrix display shows text & graphics.
 Full remote control via phone/laptop/tablet/computer
 Light Sensor (Auto dimming system)
 Preprogrammed display frames unlimited
 Both individual letters' font color and size controllable    
 Real-time device status
 Continuous message preview on controller
 Optional Radar (overspeed detecting and warning)

Safety & Energy-Saving
 Low power dissipation
 Energy-efficient operation
 High-visibility LEDs
 Compact cabinet design & powder coating
 Cooling fans prevent overheating

Maintenance & Warranty
 2 years quality warranty
 Intelligent modular design for easy maintenance
 NOT ANY ONGOING CHARGES for software using and updating

OPT LED traffic display is manufactured with heavy duty material, anti-corrosion powder coating finish  and waterproof IP65. It is your best choice for using outdoors.