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Wide-Area SLT-600
Product Name£ºWide-Area SLT-600
Product Class£ºSOLAR LIGHT TOWERS - Light Towers Accessories


OPTRAFFIC's Solar Light Towers are designed and made with latest technology in our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility.  The durable and energy-efficient mobile light towers are solar powered, which are charged automatically via adjustable solar panels, operate clean, silently and efficiently, the best choice for applications where noises is an issue.
OPT portable solar light towers require no engine maintenance, fossil fuels, or frequent light bulb exchanges with financial benefit around US$8,000 per year. OPT mobile solar light tower is fully adjustable from 12-30ft in height, able to tilt up/down and rotate 360 degrees, portable , compact and easy to deploy by one person, suitable for any emergency response, rural & hard-to-reach areas, temporary security, police/military application and construction & work sites.

No. of lights and solar panel wattage are all optional.

System & Operation

 Telescoping mast
 No noise or diesel smell
 Manual operating mode
 Adjustable Illumination Heights
 Adjustable-tilting system
 Wind-loading approved.
 Hot-galvanized steel structure, anti-corrosion for 20+years.
 Heavy duty standard couplings, can be towed by most vehicles.

Safety & Energy-Saving

 Environment friendly
 Energy-efficient & silent operation
 Automatic solar charging
 Powered by battery
 Work without backup for 36+ hours
 Bright energy-efficiency & long-life led lights

Maintenance & Warranty

 2 years quality warranty
 Maintenance-free AGM batteries

All OPT solar light towers are with high-efficiency LEDs for reduced energy consumption, superior performance, and outstanding legibility.