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Fixed Speed Signs
Product Name£ºFixed Speed Signs
Product Class£ºLED SPEED SIGNS - Fixed Speed Signs


Optraffic's fixed variable speed signs ( VSLS ) are made to the highest quality standards in our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility, the extra-large full-matrix led speed signs are capable of displaying any text and graphics, allowing any speed limit to be displayed, significantly reduce the safety hazard by changing the speed limit in the constantly changing road conditions area, ideal for traffic management in road work, industrial workplaces, school zones, neighborhoods and high-accident areas.

OPT fully variable led speed signs (VSLS) are compact design and superior visible. When a motorist exceeds the speed limit, the display flashes and shows "slow down" before it arriving, it also can show motorist's speed in km/h, provides customers convenience and cost efficiency of daily traffic control.

All models are available in different sizes and configurations.

System & Operation

 High brightness LED display
 Red annulus and  white full-matrix display
 Light Sensor (Auto dimming system) & Temperature Sensor
 Optional flashing LED conspicuity lamps
 Voltage: 120 ~ 240V
 Full remote control via phone/laptop/tablet/computer with OPT software
 OPT local control software for on-site programming with tablet/laptop
 Preprogrammed display frames unlimited
 GPS tracking 
 Real-time device status
 SMS alert system
 Optional Radar (overspeed detecting and warning)

Safety & Energy-Saving

 Low power dissipation
 Energy-efficient operation
 High visibility LEDs
 Reliable & compact design
 Cooling fans prevent overheating
 Maintenance & Warranty

2 years quality warranty

 Easy maintenance with front access
 NOT ANY ONGOING CHARGES for software using and updating

OPT fixed variable speed  limit signs are all with heavy duty material, waterproof rating IP65 and anti-corrosion powder coating with greatest quality. Currently standard board sizes are 600*600mm, 800*800mm and 1180*1180mm, for other sizes, please enquire.