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About Us
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About Us


OPTRAFFIC is a value-added enterprise that prides itself on the consistency of eco-friendly manufacturing, competitive price and business ethics.
We endeavoured to keep up with the very latest Traffic Safety Signs, Traffic Safety LED technology to become a leader in the Traffic Safety Products Manufacturing Industry and guarantee a wonderful experience for clients of using our product.
We are always looking for innovative solutions to our products both in hardware and software designs, and believe in the maxim THOUGHT DETERMINE THE FUTURE, DETAILS DECIDE THE SUCCESS.
Established in 2008, OPTRAFFIC is a young, passionate and ambitious Chinese company that manufactures the Traffic Safety Signs, full matrix LED Variable Message Signs (VMS), comply to the CE EN12966, ROHS, MEC, IP65, and AS/NZS.
With years of exploring, our product range has progressed into a mature condition. For now, our main products cover Portable Variable Message Sign, Permanent LED Traffic Display, Arrow Board, Variable Speed Limit Sign, Speed Radar Sign, Light Tower, and other traffic management related products.


In order to catch up with our growth in international orders, OPTRAFFIC had developed four departments in different areas, the R&D department in Shenzhen, where is just like the Silicon Valley in USA, manufacturing and assembly department and technology support department located at Tantou in a large ISO9001 certified facility, and also one head office in downtown, Tiantai.


Our modern design, compact product and efficient Manufacturing System ensure strict quality control, from the very beginning to the last.
With latest technology support, perfect quality control system, a young and enthusiastic team, respected business
ethics and good reputation, we are confident to meet your requirements and serve you well.